Another Donation for Apollo’s Rescue Fund = $ 2,330.00 Raised! Whoot!


Another heartfelt thanks for Apollo’s supporters!

As of this morning.. $2330.00 has been raised for his rescue, medical expenses, and continued rehab!

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Apollo HAS a BIG Heart too … for kittens! :)

Here is a wonderful little Apollo Tid Bit from Natalie ..

” Good Morning Apollo Fans!

Apollo has made a few new friends at the vet clinic. Seems as if he has a soft spot for kittens. During his stay at the vet clinic a mamma cat has given birth to 5 babies. He stays close to their kennel and has even been caught gently herding other animals away with his big wet nose.” ~ Natalie Vause

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Meet Apollo’s Foster Fam : The Vause’s

I am pleased to introduce the young family who are fostering Apollo.
Eric ( my awesome son) Natalie ( Apollo’s rescuer, wife, mom, amazing daughter-in-law) and my grandson Evan. 🙂

Apollo with Eric Vause
Apollo with Eric Vause

Left to right Apollo, Natalie Vause, and son Evan Left to right
Apollo, Natalie Vause, and son Evan

Apollo’s Favorite Quotes “Dogs teach us … ”


‘Dogs teach us many things,
but none more important than
to love unconditionally… ~ Author Unknown

So if this is true, I am thinking that Apollo IS A GREAT teacher! 🙂

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Thank you all so Much!

Apollo’s Friendslist Growing!

Just a quick post to report that two more donors have come to Apollo’s aid in the last 24 hours, bringing Apollo’s Rescue/ Care fund to $2,200.00 dollars as of this moment .

Thank you both.

I also wanted to thank folks for the kind words of encouragement. They are heart-warming and Apollo appreciates them very much! 🙂

And as always, thanks to all for all the LIKES, FOLLOWS and SHARING!

Ya’ll Rock!

~ God Bless